What is a


A challenge requires you to complete a certain goal within a given period. It is open to everyone and most importantly the enrollment is free of charge!
By clicking on ‘Join the challenge’, all your activities with JomRun will be counted as your progress. Only the activities after your enrolment will be taken account.
After joining the challenge, you can use JomRun tracker and any JomRun-supported app to sync your activities. It doesn’t have to be in one go, you may accumulate the distances/steps as long as it is within the given period. For virtual run participants, your activities will also be synced when you are running for your virtual run!
All finishers will be automatically entitled to join weekly lucky draw. Prizes for lucky draw may vary from challenge to challenge. Weekly winners will be announced on the challenge page every week.

JOM challenge yourself now! You can achieve more than you think!