Laksamana Virtual Colour Run 2020

Laksamana Virtual Colour Run 2020
Event Info:
  • 01 November, 2020 12:00 AM - 10 December, 2020 11:59 PM
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The highly anticipated running event is back! This year the new Laksamana Virtual Colour Run will be different yet EXCITING! Come and join our effort to save lives as all the contributions received will be donated to help cancer fighters. Registration is now open until 31st October 2020.

By joining Laksamana Virtual Colour Run, you will be able to receive exclusive merchandises and automatically stand a chance to win amazing prizes in our lucky draw contest! Not just that, all participants are eligible to join our photo and video contest and win incredible prizes. Come and show us your colours and win prizes.

So wait no further, get your tickets now!

More info:
1.	This Virtual Run is open to all.
2.	As this is a Virtual Run, you may run or walk at anywhere and anytime you want.
3.	The running period starts from 1st November until 10th December 2020.
4.	All winners will be announced via Facebook Live through our Facebook page, Laksamana Run on 12th December 2020.

Registration Ends at

22 November, 2020 11:59 PM (GMT +08:00)


Laksamana Virtual Colour Run 2020


Laksamana Virtual Colour Run 2020


1. T-shirt
2. Medal
3. Drawstring bag
4. UV Colour Paint (2 pcs)
5. UV Torch

Laksamana Virtual Colour Run 2020


Laksamana Virtual Colour Run 2020


Laksamana Virtual Colour Run 2020
Laksamana Virtual Colour Run 2020
Laksamana Virtual Colour Run 2020


Laksamana Virtual Colour Run 2020


Laksamana Virtual Colour Run 2020


Laksamana Virtual Colour Run 2020


1)	Q: What is a Virtual Run?
A: Joining a virtual run means that you can run anywhere, anytime at the comfort & convenience of your own space within the given event period. You may submit your progress either by using the JomRun App or Manual Submission via uploading a proof of your walking activity from your own tracking devices. 

2)	Q: How can I sign up for this Virtual Run?
A: Click the ‘Sign Me Up’ button within the event page to register for this virtual event. You must 
    be a JomRun user before you can sign up for this event.

3)	Q: When and where can I run?
A: The event period is from 01/11/2020 to 10/12/2020. It’s a fun run, so you can walk, run or 
     even jog anywhere anytime within this period. All you need to do is to either use the app to 
     track your run distance or capture a proof of your running activity. Submit it through the 
     JomRun app (JomRun users only) before 11/12/2020.

4)	Q: What is included with my registration?
A: After registration, you will receive the official running tee shirt, finisher’s medal, bib, 
     drawstring bag, UV colour face & body paint set, and UV flashlight via postage for use during 
     the run.

5)	Q: How do I get my race kit?
A: The running kit will be sent via postage to the addresses registered in the JomRun application during registration. No self-collect will be made this year.

6)	Q: What is the entry fee?
A: The entry fee is as per below:
-	Early bird      : RM35.00 (first 500 runners)
-	Normal price : RM45.00

7)	Q: Will TLJCF set the location of the run?
A: No. You are free to set the location of your choosing for the run, however, you are to take  
    own initiative to consider a safe location (green zone) in order to prevent the spread of 

8)	Q: How do I track my running distance for this Virtual Run?
A: You can track your distance using the following methods:
1) Using the JomRun app itself.
2) Manual submission of your run’s progress via any fitness tracking device where you can 
           take a screenshot of the result showing the date and distance as your proof of participation

9)	Q: Can I separate the run distance into a few shorter distance runs?
A: Yes. The runs can be accumulated by multiple runs, which completed within running period 
    (1st November 2020 until 10th December 2020)

10)	Q: Do I need to wear a face mask during the run?
A: Not necessarily if you are to run individually or in groups with a distance of 2-3 meters in between. We advise participants to keep a safe physical distance while practicing the correct self-hygiene i.e. regular hand-washing and hand-sanitizing.

11)	Q: Is Laksamana Run a charity by a non-profit organisation?
A: Yes. Laksamana Run is a charity run by Tunku Laksamana Johor Cancer Foundation. The run is less about running and help to raise cancer awareness and steward fund for the foundation. The money raised will go towards TLJCF to fund for cancer fighters’ treatments and three TLJCF cancer facilities namely Pusat Rawatan Onkologi Yayasan Tunku Laksamana Johor Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah, Muar, Kompleks Tunku Laksamana Johor in Hospital Permai and Wad Hematologi Tunku Laksamana Johor in Hospital Sultanah Aminah.

12)	Q: I am not Malaysian citizen. Can I participate? 
A: Yes we welcome all nationalities to participate in the run on the condition that you reside in    
      Malaysia. Otherwise, the running kit will not reach you!

13)	Q: What is the inspiration behind Laksamana Run?
A: Laksamana Run was inspired by several fundraising events, including MAKNA Run and Race for Life. As a charity foundation that champion cancer awareness, we wanted to promote a less stressful, untimed running environment that was more about health and happiness than competition. 

14)	Q: When will I receive my running kit?
A: Delivery will be made within a month starting from 20th October 2020 until 20th November 2020. Should you not receive the kit within said period, please make contact with JomRun. The organizing party will not take responsibility, replace, or re-deliver the running kit upon the participant’s failure to state the complete and correct address, or failure to receive the running kit by a third party. 😊

15)	Q: Is the colour run paint provided safe?
A: Our event manager conducts thorough testing to ensure the safety of our materials and their application. The health of our participants is always our top priority. As a cancer foundation, we operate with highly vetted policies and processes.

16)	Q: Is the use of the colour paint set compulsory during the run?
A: Not compulsory. However, the given colour set adds fun to the run and enables you to unleash your own creativity to face paint. The UV paint gives an interesting glow-in-the-dark effect should you use the UV flashlight provided to you at night or in the dark.

The provided colourings enable participants to join in on the photo and video contest. Please refer to FAQ’s LR2020 Creative Photo and Video Contest for full information. 

17)	Q: Will the colour ruin my hair, clothes or running shoes?
A: If your hair does become stained after the run, don't panic. The staining generally isn't permanent. If you can live with it, it should eventually fade within a second using wet tissue. If the staining is significant or you need it out ASAP (and shampoo didn't do the trick), dish soap is obviously a best when it comes to cutting through dirt and grime. Try using it once, just as you would shampoo.
The colour mostly washes out after thorough rinsing. As with stains, the sooner you wash it the better. It’s best to wear items that you wouldn’t mind getting coloured. We suggest washing the items worn to Laksamana Run separately from your other laundry.

18)	Q: Are there refunds?
A: We cannot issue refunds. Please properly make careful consideration before joining the LR2020 programme. 

19)	Q: Can I transfer my registration to another person?
A : No. Registrations are non-transferable to another person.

20)	Q: What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?
A: Please contact us via Facebook messenger or telephone our management office at 07 557 0404 and we’ll get back to you with an answer.


1)	Q: How do I participate?
A: All LR2020 registered participants are eligible to join the creative photo and video contest. Please refer to T&C as well as the contest criteria for full information.

2)	Q: When is the photo and video submission due?
A: Participants may submit their creative photos and videos from 1st November 2020 until 10th December 2020 (last submission). The photos/ videos submitted after 10th December 2020 will not be accepted. 

3)	Q: Can I apply paint colours besides the provided UV face and body paint?
A: You may. Participants are allowed to add their own creativity to make the photos/videos more creative. However, we are not responsible to possible side effects of using goods and tools that are not sourced from us. 

4)	Q: How do I submit the photos/ videos for the contest?
A: You are required to submit your creative photos and videos to the [email protected] email address. Please include your full name, identification card number, phone number and running bib number in your email.

5)	Q: When is the announcement date for the winners?
A: Announcement of winners will be made via a Facebook live streaming at the Laksamana Run Facebook page on 12th December 2020.

Laksamana Virtual Colour Run 2020

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