The essential way to keep your body healthy is exercising. Scientific research has proven that 30 minutes of working out, five times per week helps to sustain both your body’s health and fitness levels.

In particular, running affects your well-being only in positive ways. There are a lot of benefits from running, for example; running helps to maintain weight, prevent cardiovascular disease, prevent high blood pressure, and reduce other adverse health conditions. One of the most important advantages from running is that running makes people happier, strengthen bones and joints and also extends your life-span.

Now, my question is, even if we all know about the benefits of exercising – in particular – running, why can’t we do it everyday or at least go for a jog every so often in a week? How could you possibly enjoy running?

Your answer might be that you don’t have enough time, that you’re always tired, or that you are simply always busy doing something less important than taking care of yourself and of your future, but it’s all excuses.

David Roche professional runner, author of the book “The Happy Runner Project”  gives advice for both new pro-runners and for people who may want to start running.


In other words, run at a pace that is comfortable for you. Keep your running pace at an equal amount with your body’s capability. If you start sprinting on your first day, you will burn out. First of all, you should focus on having fun and maintaining your pace. As the saying goes “to climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first”, it may be the secret to success at running.


Studies proves that music helps and makes workouts easier. Music not only reduce your boredom levels but also aids in the quality of your exercises. If you listen music while running – especially music that you prefer – it will positively affect your physical and psychological condition.

Also, depending on how the day corresponding to your run has gone, choosing the right music may certainly give you the needed “boost” to complete your run. Slow music for easy and chill workouts, fast paced music for medium and difficult ones.


One of the best ways to enjoy running is to run in a company of friends or just in a group of people who share your interests. This way, you can accomplish different goals – aside from running – at the same time, such as hanging out with friends and keeping your body fit.


Focus on your exercise. Running requires being focused and paying attention to your surrounding view. Learning to see and hear the sounds of nature will help to keep your mind focused on running. Many athletes who are more focused while running, show higher levels of optimism in their attitude, improved confidence levels and show less anxiety in their day to day life. Before starting to run you should analyze yourself, scan your body capabilities, make a route plan and just have it in your mind before going for your first run.


In daily life we face a lot of obligations such as; paying for rent, buying groceries, having responsibilities at home or at work. To start to enjoy running, you should think about it as an opportunity to relax and release the stress that come from these obligations. You have to visualize running and enjoying yourself. Picture you running always happy and positive, this will likely allow you to enjoy running even more.


Of course there is going to be a time when you feel like you don’t want to run or when you feel demotivated. To solve this problem you have to keep yourself motivated at all times. Everybody has their own way to get pumped and motivated about something. Either you look back to a poster of hot girl hanging on your fridge, or read motivational quotes of your idol. There are many ways to induce yourself to do it, you just have to find the right one for you.


Eventually, just running may become boring after a while, to keep your interests in running as high as possible, you can try new routes. Discovering new tracks for your run can be very exciting and interesting. Also, destination running is very effective to keep you stimulated to run. For instance, you can always run to your favourite coffee shop or bookstore and then either catch a ride back home using transport, or even better, run back.


Have any running goals?

Another way to make running even more enjoyable and meaningful is to set goals. For example, participating in marathons or distance runs such as a 5 kilometer route. Running becomes even more satisfying after you have set goals for yourself and work hard to achieve them. There is no better feeling than achieving your goals and seeing the results of your hard work come true.


JomRun Logo

How could we talk about running without mentioning about the JomRun app. It can be downloaded to help you begin your journey as a runner. Like other apps, JomRun is currently available on the iTunes or Playstore, free of charge.

Once downloaded, you can immediately go for your run accompanied by JomRun which will track where and how far you have run using satellite technology for the purpose of informing you about how far and how fast you have run both during and after your route.

This is very useful for comparing the distances you have run along your journey and will be very useful for seeing your hardwork in figures. JomRun also has a point system where you can earn points depending on the distance you have run and can ultimately use these accumulated points in order to receive rewards such as free meals.Furthermore, JomRun gives you the opportunity to test your running skills or challenge yourself by allowing you to sign up for any marathons that are about to take place.

With this app, your running experience is assured to be enhanced whether you are just starting out as a runner or if you have been running for a while.

To conclude, running should not be something that is feared, but rather something that all of us should do. Start your run today.