Cat City Marathon 2020 (Momentum Run Series 7.3)

Cat City Marathon 2020 (Momentum Run Series 7.3)
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The “Momentum Run” began in 2014 when Kuching’s 1st International Marathon came about. 2019 will see the Momentum Run entering its 6th edition. The concept behind the Momentum Run was initiated by a group of running enthusiasts from the City Joggers’ Club (CJC) with the main objective of helping Kuching runners train towards their 1st Full or Half Marathon.

Initially, the Momentum Run is not intended to be a competitive event. This is mainly because its primary objective is to “build up momentum” towards the Full or Half Marathon the particular runner is seeking to participate in.

However, with the introduction of Cat City Marathon in 2017, the 3rd series of the events will offer prizes in the 10km, 21km & 42km categories. The 5km is a fun run event.

The 6th edition of the Momentum Run consists of 3 series where every series will be more challenging, as the mileage towards Half and Full Marathon increases. All runners will be awarded with finisher’s medal for the categories they completed within the cut-off time.

These are the categories offered under the Momentum Run 7 series:

Momentum 7.1 – 5KM & 10KM (Short Category) & 15km (Long Category)
Momentum 7.2 – 5KM & 10KM (Short Category), 20KM & 30KM(Long Category)
Momentum 7.3 – 5KM (Fun Run), 10KM(Short Category), 21KM & 42KM(Long Category)

Race Pack Collection

Event is cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak. 

Organizer will process for refund, kindly submit details below to [email protected]
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For participants FULL Series can opt out for CCM Medal by indicate as NO. If want to get the CCM Medal, RM20 will be deducted from the refund:

For more info can contact organizer via FB Page CJCKuching below:

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23 April, 2020 11:59 PM (GMT +08:00)


Cat City Marathon 2020 (Momentum Run Series 7.3)


Cat City Marathon 2020 (Momentum Run Series 7.3)


1) Running T-Shirt 
2) Bib 
3) Timing Chip (21KM & 42KM)
4) Finisher Tee (21KM & 42KM)
5) Finisher Medal


Winner stands a chance to win cash prizes!


Cat City Marathon 2020 (Momentum Run Series 7.3)


Cat City Marathon 2020 (Momentum Run Series 7.3)
Cat City Marathon 2020 (Momentum Run Series 7.3)


42KM Full Marathon 
Time Limit – 8 hours 
Starting Time – 12:01AM
Closing Time – 8:00AM

21KM Half Marathon 
Time Limit – 4.0 hours 
Starting Time – 4:00AM 
Closing Time – 8:00AM

10KM Race 
Time Limit – 2 hours
Starting Time – 6:00AM
Closing Time – 8:00AM

5KM Run 
Time Limit – 1 hour 
Starting Time – 6:30AM
Closing Time – 7:30AM

Momentum Run Series 7

Get RM20 OFF when you register Momentum 7 Full Series

Cat City Marathon 2020 (Momentum Run Series 7.3)


Cat City Marathon 2020 (Momentum Run Series 7.3)