Fes-Sun 2.0 Fun Ride

Fes-Sun 2.0 Fun Ride
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Let's join 35KM Fes-Sun 2.0 Fun Ride. Get tickets NOW!


Event is cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak. The new Race Kit Collection will be announced soon.


11 March, 2020 06:30 PM (GMT +08:00)


Fes-Sun 2.0 Fun Ride


Fes-Sun 2.0 Fun Ride


1. Event Tee
2. Finisher Medal

T-Shirt Design & Size Chart

Fes-Sun 2.0 Fun Ride
Fes-Sun 2.0 Fun Ride

Medal Design

Fes-Sun 2.0 Fun Ride

Route Map

Fes-Sun 2.0 Fun Ride

Additional Information

Rules and Regulations 
1. Once payment has been done, confirmation receipt will be send to participants email address.(1 ticket admits for 1 person only.) 
2. Participants must wear Fes-Sun 2.0 Fun Ride shirt during event day. 
3. No pets allowed during the event.
 4. Illegal goods, drugs and dangerous goods are not allowed during ride. 
5. Make sure all participant  have their own bike, helmet and others safety gears during the ride and ensure the condition of their bike is safe to use. 
6 Alcohol is prohibited during event. *Participant is compulsory to mark attendance at the counter) For those who collected on behalf of your group/friends you need to show up their Photocopy I/C No. and confirmation receipt slip. 
All the payment is non-refundable upon payment received. I/We hereby agree not to hold the organizer and co-organizers, their representatives and sponsors against all cost, expense or liability that may arise in consequence of my participation in the event. I/We waive all claims for any and all injuries, death and invalidity to me or the person under my care which may be caused by any act, or failure to act by the organizer, members and employees arising directly or indirectly during the course of event or arising as a result of it. In consideration of the organizer accepting this entry, I/We assume liability for any loss, damage or liability from the above event. I/We agree that organization has the right to disqualified me if I violation of the rules and regulations. I confirm that I have read and accepted the conditions of entry to event and the rules and regulations for this event.



Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera.

Pihak penganjur dengan ini mengumumkan program Fes-Sun 2.0 Fun Ride DIBATALKAN.

Maklumat terperinci mengenai tarikh "collect race kit" akan diumumkan dari masa kesemasa mengikut pada keadaan semasa.

Kami selaku penganjur memohon maaf atas keputusan ini dan mengharapkan agar semua pihak dapat mempertimbangkan keputusan ini demi kepentingan kesihatan kita bersama.

Sekiranya anda memerlukan sebarang pertanyaan boleh berhubung dengan kami di talian 019-457 5104