Larian Hutan Kita 2020

Larian Hutan Kita 2020
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Larian Hutan Kita 2020 is co-organized by Ministry of Water, Land and Natural Resources Malaysia, Jabatan Perhutanan Semenanjung Malaysia, MMTF Consultant and 10 Senses. It will be held on 21st March 2020 at Taman Rimba Alam, Putrajaya.

Larian Hutan Kita 2020 is a “Family Orientated Fun Run” which will take runners through 5KM and 10KM of pristine road, trails and path around Taman Rimba in Putrajaya.

Whilst the 5KM suits runners of all ages albeit even those in strollers or wheelchairs, the 10KM is designed for runners who demands more distance or speed through our pristine jungle trails.

-To enhance awareness on the importance of natural treasures and foster the spirit of love for our forest.
-To cultivate a healthy lifestyle amongst the community.
-To forge closer relations and promote multi-racial unity.

Do take note that beside being a “carbon neutral event”, part of the proceed from registration will go towards activities to conserve and preserve our forest.


Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the event is converted to Virtual Run


16 February, 2020 11:59 PM (GMT +08:00)


Larian Hutan Kita 2020


Larian Hutan Kita 2020


1. Race Bib
2. Timing Chip
3. Event Tee
4. Finisher Medal
5. E-Cert
6. Refreshment and Food on the course/ Finish Line
7. Personal Insurance/ Public Liability Insurance


Larian Hutan Kita 2020


1. All participants will receive a micro-fibre sublimation event tee
2. Participants are advised to refer to the size chart and select their sizes carefully to avoid any sizing issues. No exchange will be allowed after confirmation of registration

Larian Hutan Kita 2020
Larian Hutan Kita 2020
Larian Hutan Kita 2020


1. Bib design is in progress

** Note 1: Participants must wear their bib numbers at the front.

** Note 2: Tampering with the race bib in any way (e.g. obscuring/removing sponsor’s identification) will result in your disqualification. The organizer shall immediately disqualify any participants, if this rule is not strictly observed.

** Note 3: Participants without Race Bibs on event day will not be allowed to start the race.

** Note 4: Whosoever found to be running with another person’s race bib other than his/ her own will be subjected to disqualification, and possible banned from the event for a period of time.

** Note 5: The organizer is against the unlawful transfer of bib. Any transfer must be made known and be authorized by the organizer. This is to ensure that should there be any incidents, the right person is contacted and the right treatment to be administered in some cases.

Personal Insurance/ Public Liability Insurance

** Note 1: All runners are covered by Personal Accident Insurance from PACIFIC INSURANCE.

Class of Insurance: Personal Accident Insurance
Period of Insurance: 21st March 2020


Accidental Death : RM5,000.00 or Personal Disability : RM5,000.00

Medical Expenses : RM200.00


Larian Hutan Kita 2020

Start/ Finish/ Checkpoints

The start and finish of the race is at Taman Rimba Alam, Putrajaya.


Flag off time ( for each category)
• 10km - 7:00am
• 5km - 7:15am
Cut off time ( for each category)
•10km -3.5 hours (10:30am)
•5km - 2 hours (9:15am)

Support Crew

Support crews are not required for this race, as the respective checkpoints/ water station by the organizer are adequate for runners to successfully complete the race.

If you have support crews, kindly ensure that they only support you at the START-FINISH area. Support crews are not allowed on the course, as they could be a hazard to other runners or to themselves. Anyone found to have breached this rule of law will be disqualified and evicted from the course.

Organizer is not responsible for the safety of support crews. The registered runner is responsible for the actions of his/ her support crews. Support crews must comply with all instructions from event officials. The runner may be penalized or disqualified for actions or breaches of the rules by their support crew.

Support crews must not eat the provided food at START-FINISH area. The food is for the competitors only.

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Larian Hutan Kita


Larian Hutan Kita 2020
Larian Hutan Kita 2020


Dear Runners,

In view of the current and ongoing 3rd wave situations pertaining to the nouvelle coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic across Malaysia (and the rest of the globe), it is with lots of courage, effort and pain that we are forced to announce that Larian Hutan Kita 2020 will be going virtual based on the directives that we have received from Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Malaysia and Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia.

The main reasons for the change of status are as follows:-

a)	The uncertainty created by the pandemic most notably with regards to the event date originally scheduled for 21st March 2020 being subjected to pending postponement since 12 March 2020.

b)	The announcement by the Government of Malaysia via our Prime Minister regarding enforcement of social distancing as we move into Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

We have had the chance to consider alternative solutions from postponement of the event to a later date in 2021, implementation of new and stricter SOP’s where runners will be briefed online, runners subjected to mandatory medical test, separating the “Runners Entitlement Pack Collection” (REPC) to 2 or more locations depending on the race distance signed/ categories, introduction of staggered start and extending and separating checkpoints/ water stations, placing additional support systems along the race course most notably a separate COVID-19 dedicated medical support point and separating the race course for the 2 major distance categories.

The fact that no one and nobody could give us an absolute guarantee with regards to the safety of every participant (4293 runners), event crews, volunteers, their family members and the general public even if we have done the above coupled with ongoing 3rd wave of the pandemic, we are force to change the status of the race in 2020 to a ‘virtual run’. We must reassure everyone that we deem it as the best decision to take in protection of the health and safety of all participants, event crews, volunteers, our partners, our sponsors, their family members and the people of Putrajaya in view of the current and ongoing situations pertaining to COVID-19.

Every runner will receive an email between now and the next 72 hours with regards to this announcement and the detailed procedures/ terms-conditions and additional challenges concerning Larian Virtual Hutan Kita 2020.

A refund would not be possible owing to the fact that when the event was postponed 9 days before the original race date, all event properties, winner entitlements, refreshments and most notably the runners entitlements have been delivered to our warehouse in Klang Valley.

We hope that this announcement will create more certainty in your personal plans for the coming months after all the uncertainties in our lives created by the pandemic. 
We hope to get your understanding of the above and trust this would be the best way forward for everyone concerned in view of the total circumstances we are all living in today.

We hope and pray that each of you will stay well, stay healthy, stay safe and stay positive.


MMTF Consultant
06 November 2020

Larian Hutan Kita 2020
Larian Hutan Kita 2020