Unicorn Fun Run Finale

Unicorn Fun Run Finale
Event Info:
  • 15 March, 2020
  • 06:00 AM (GMT +08:00)
  • MAEPS Serdang
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Everything must come to the end, so here is the Unicorn Fun Run Finale 2020!
It consists of 3 different distances, which is 21KM, 10KM and 5KM.

Here is the categories and flag off times :

1. 21KM (Midnight Session)

- 21KM Competitive Race
1) Men Open
2) Women Open
3) Men Veteran (40 and above)
4) Women Veteran (40 and above)
Flag Off : 12:01AM

-21KM Non-Competitive
Flag Off : 12:30 AM
* Entitled for Finisher Tee & Medal, but not entitled for Trophy & Podium Prizes.

2. 10KM Competitive Race
1) Men Open
2) Women Open
Flag off : 6AM 

3. 5KM Fun Run

5KM (Morning Session)
Flag Off : 
A) 6:30AM 
B) 7:00AM 
C) 7:30AM 
D) 8:00AM 
E) 8:30AM

5KM (Evening Session)
Flag Off : 
A) 5:00PM 
B) 5:30PM 
C) 6:00PM 
D) 6:30PM 

5KM (Night Session)
Flag Off : 
A) 8:00PM
B) 8:30PM
C) 9:00PM

*The last age of consideration is 1/1/2020 for 21KM Category.
Participants must be aged 40 years old for veteran category (count by Year of Birth)

Please note that;

Participants will be entitled to a medal as long as they,

1. Have the race bib pinned on their shirt.
2. Completed the run.

For the 5KM fun run, the time taken to complete the run will not be taken in. Hence, participants may run at their own pace. 

For the 10KM competitive run, the cut-off time is 2 hours. 

For the 21KM both competitive and non-competitive cut off time is 4 hours . 

Medals will be given ONLY to participants who have completed the run and crossed the finishing line. Collection of medal on behalf of others (e.g : family members or friends) who are not able to run or attend will NOT be allowed under any circumstances.

Race Pack Collection

1) IOI City Mall Putrajaya 

Date : 5th March - 7th March 2020
Time : 10AM - 7PM
Venue : IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Note : Only 5KM participants for 8:00AM and 8:30AM session in IOI City Mall Putrajaya 

2) MAEPS Serdang

Date : 5th March - 8th March 2020
Time : 10AM - 7PM
Venue : G-Floor University Perdana MAEPS

Note : Only Participants in MAEPS Serdang

1) Strictly no changes in T-Shirt will be allowed
2) No late collection will be entertained
3) Race entry packs not collected after the collection date will be deemed as unwanted & the organiser my dispose / re-distribute them accordingly
4) If you are able to collect your race pack in person, you may nominate someone to collect on your behalf. If you area collectiong on behalf, please bring your IC
5) Remember to bring your E-Ticket during your collection day! See You!

Registration Ends at

01 March, 2020 11:59 PM (GMT +08:00)


Unicorn Fun Run Finale


Unicorn Fun Run Finale


1) Exclusive Unicorn T-Shirt (Ultron)
2) Finisher Tee (21KM Only)
3) Finisher Medal
4) Light Refreshments
5) Bib Number

Flag Off Time and Venue

21KM (Competitive)
1) 12:01AM

21KM (Non-Competitive)
1) 12:30AM

10KM (Competitive)
1) 6AM

5KM (Morning Session)
1) 6:30AM
2) 7:00AM
3) 7:30AM
4) 8:00AM
5) 8:30AM

5KM (Evening Session)
Flag Off : 
1) 5:00PM 
2) 5:30PM 
3) 6:00PM 
4) 6:30PM 
5) 8:00PM
6) 8:30PM
7) 9:00PM

Unicorn Fun Run Finale


Unicorn Fun Run Finale
Unicorn Fun Run Finale


Unicorn Fun Run Finale

How To Get Medal?

Unicorn Fun Run Finale

Cut Off Time

Unicorn Fun Run Finale

Race Kit Collection

Unicorn Fun Run Finale

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